My Football Retrospect

Posted: August 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Solitude is one thing. Seclusion is another. What really is the meaning behind these words? Solitude or seclusion?
 Perhaps their interpretation lay behind the reasons for either. Reasons abound for both actions. These reasons, I believe, help in the definition of the subject. Solitude is sort of the moments you afford yourself. To recollect, reminisce, to wonder, wish and more importantly, to think. Most of the time, in solitude, you can connect with your higher self, be progressive. Seclusion on the other hand might be something like crawling back into your shell. And that’s retrogressive. Many at times seclusion leads to a drug-like low. That’s my understanding, at least.
So in these times of solitude my train of thought often speeds off to these pages right here. How one day I’ll come up with an article so razor sharp, it will earn me the recognition of my peers. All the while, praying God that till the day that I let my genius out, I won’t be out here writing dumb paragraphs about football in the +254. (Sic)
Right then, sometimes I soliloquy, then I understand that there’s lots of football being played in the different football echelons in the country. There is our Premier league of course. The biggest derby of all, ending with a barren draw, in essence, throws the title gauntlet to the top five teams. As a neutral, I bear no hard feelings toward FKF here for the seclusion of the GorMahia riff-raffs from setting foot in Kasarani. Good call.
  Then there’s the Copa Coca-Cola, the GOTV shield cup and the just concluded KPL U-19 tourney, where congrats are in order for Western Stima after emphatically putting four goals past Tusker to clinch the prize. Salut.
 If that isn’t enough, we have the WC qualifiers up next against Namibia. It will be interesting to see what kind of preparations Adel Amrouche, FKF and the technical bench have under their sleeve for the sixth and final match set for 7th September. I’m all out for a win, bowing out with some dignity intact. Feelings aside, Kenya occupies a lowly fourth and last spot in Group F with three points, two less than Namibia. Second placed Malawi has four more and leaders Nigeria have garnered a total nine points. Maybe this explains our recent drop in FIFA rankings to 129. Definitely not a number I have a liking for because that trend right there- seclusion. Retrogressive
 In times where goal-line technology is messing or cleaning up the game after referees, I suppose being an economic powerhouse in the East of Africa doesn’t say much for our secluded football. Then again, His Excellency Mr. Kenyatta made a journey east seeking better chances for the sons and daughters of this land of ours. In solitude, I inwardly hope and believe his endeavors are a step forward to finding and funding our own feet in sports. Maybe the adoption of laptops for school children will see to it that tech in sports education will help us get our act together. One thing though, I can’t help but wonder which turn P.E classes will take.  You-tube athletes-that’s your best answer (Shout out Julius Yego).
Parting shot…Don’t waste time on bullshit. In life,work or play. Facts only.


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