The Connoisseurs of great comebacks:

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Every cloud has a silver lining. Those words rung hollow last time out to all blues’ detractors whose hearts beat with joy last time out, but now those words ping and ring supreme. “The blues will be back” I averred last week but I was reminded how having been fried at the Parc  des Princes the Blues would end up in the fire on the second leg. And while my words are not prescient they remind us how history some-times has penchant to repeat itself.
The Cauldron was rocking after Ba’s Ba-rilliant scooping effort to the roof of the net. This typified by Mourihnos manic dart down the touch line. The din of the Chelsea faithful raised the decibel levels inside the bridge with momentary late PSG raids muting the elation ensuring a squeaky bum time finish in injury time. PSG’s relative inexperience at this stage showed. For Cavani and Lavezzi it was de javu once again. Having thrown their weight around in the end it was a bridge too far for the Parisians. Talk of the small matter of PSG at the bridge and how they walked into the trap.
An early set back had robbed Chelsea of the attacking midfield maestro Hazard but in schurrle and the Schurrle show soon took centre stage. Fleeting feet and lightning speed his hallmarks. He was a thorn in PSG’s flesh. A brilliant display of tenacity and sheer believe puts the Blues  in the right frame of mind for the Semi-finals. And now all contenders must know that with Chelsea does not go down without a scrape, a fight, a really good fight. Bring them on the Bayerns, Barcelonas et al.
Now over to you Man U as you walk into the Lion’s den today! I needn’t substantiate the obvious. Ni Ku-bayern!!




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