About Chengafunga

Chengafunga is a Kenyan blogging site for football sport action.The word “chengafunga” is derived from the Swahili language. The two words “chenga” and “funga” are the Swahili translations for “dribble” and “score” respectively. Chengafunga is football played with roughly six players or less on each team. The pitch could be on one end of a street, estate parking space, or a part of a playing field with the general idea of little space. Goal posts are set with stones, sticks or shoes no bigger than half a meter and with no goalie in most cases.

As a blogging site, chengafunga is dedicated to furnish all with a “sporty-bone” on what’s cooking and streaming in the football platform, in Kenya and across Europe. The authors, Howard and David, cover pre and post match analyses, in objective fashion but with a hint of opinion, in a mix with other updates. Just like ninja turtles have a fetish for pizza, we have a matching fetish for club football in Kenya and Europe alike.

Follow us on twitter @mugera_H and @Quenton53. Feel free to give feedback and comment. Shukrani.   


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